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Welcome to Crappie Pro. We invite you to view the incredible selection of products available at our online store. In addition to our signature "Tail Light" Jig Heads, Next Generation Jig Heads, Solid Body Skirted Jigs and the Wasshoppah Brand of Plastics, we now offer all colors of the Bobby Garland Baby Shad, Split Tails, 2" and 3" Slab Slay'r, Stroll'r, Minnow Mind'r and the Scent Wiggl'r . Also available are an assortment of the NEW F-2 Ferocity Scent YUM baits including Beavertails, Vibra King Tubes, Rebel Crappie Cranks and much, much more. Our mission is to provide the "BEST" to you, the men and women who fish for the KING of panfish

Crappie Pro owners Larry and Janice Russell know that Crappie fishing has become a way of life for many anglers. Our jig heads and plastic baits will give you a big advantage. Try us today!

Visit our online store to order your favorite baits today.
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2.5" Bobby Garland Scent Wiggl'r

Bobby Garland Mo'Glo Slab Jam

Bobby Garland 3" Slab Slay'r

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